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CX/UX research expert with over 13 years of experience 

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User Interviews

Discover the underlying motivations and needs of your users and find opportunities

Heuristic Reviews

Get your online services evaluated based on recognized usability principles

User Testing

Validate new concepts or testing the usability of existing products or features

Journey Mapping

Get a visual presentation of your customers’ experience during the different stages

Context is Everything
For Better Understanding the Experience of Your Customers
What Others Have Found

“Ronald is a CX (Customer Experience) professional who can truly see things from the customer’s viewpoint. He has a rare combination of visualization and analytical expertise with exceptional execution skills, which made him an indispensable talent in driving CX programs. Combining customer journey mapping, design and analytics, Ronald and I tackled complex customer experience issues that cut across sales, marketing, customer services, publishing and production. He takes ownership and never stands still.”

Yasu - Director CX

Yasu – Director CX

“Ronald approaches his work in a very professional manner, with good attention to detail. His preparations for user interviews is careful and thorough ensuring best use is made of limited interview time.

He is not afraid to question what he does not understand to ensure that his user interface specifications are well presented and clear. Ronald is a valued team member and a pleasure to work with.”

Philippa - Sr. Business analyst

Philippa – Sr. Business Analyst

“Ronald is the best Journey Mapping expert I know. I have worked with him for many years at RELX, building various large projects for researchers and information specialists. Ronald has conducted numerous user insight sessions with customers and ran several internal workshops with people across disciplines in order to get a full understanding of both the user as well as the business problem. He is able to visualize complex problems in a way that allows the product managers, marketeers, designers and developers to make informed decisions in their work. I highly recommend hiring Ronald for your UX work.”

Spencer de Groot

Spencer – Head of User Experience at RELX

Ronald Peeringa

I help companies to discover and improve experiences for their users and customers, uncover problems and find business opportunities.

Ronald Peeringa

My Experience

By conducting research through various methods you will gain better insights in their behavior. The approach of combining quantitative and qualitative data will result in a deeper understanding of the customer’s experiences and motivation; the driver behind their behavior. This will help to meet your customer’s needs, and increase their engagement and loyalty.

Lost Dog UX Research, Amsterdam
About Lost Dog UX Research

After working at different companies in various roles, I learned that the personal connection by interviewing people and understanding their deeper underlying motivations and emotions, is what interest me the most; understanding their behavior cannot be found by only looking at the data. However, most companies do not realize how much impact this better understanding can have, or lack this specific expertise internally; that is why I started Lost Dog to offer my expertise to discover insights for other businesses.

Customer Experience (CX) is the cumulative impact of multiple touch points over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organization before, during and after the purchase or use of a product or service


My Discovery Journey

After my graduation in Graphic Design I worked as a visual designer for several design and advertising companies. I developed corporate identities, rebrandings, periodicals and packaging for companies in different markets. Clients: InterAccess, PQR, OTIS, Genicom, Actebis, Schuitema, C1000, Sperwer Holding BV.

From print to web

Gradually, my focus shifted from print to web, and learned the importance of interaction design. I was an interaction designer and consultant for large B2B and B2C e-commerce applications of Dutch and international companies; such as Wehkamp, SUN Microsystems, Douwe Egberts, OHRA, PGGM, Hypotheekshop, Kappa packaging

From design to UX and CX

I started my 12 years at Elsevier as senior UX Lead on Scopus. And ended as Researcher Lead for the delivery of superb end-to-end journey experiences for authors, editors, and reviewers throughout the entire publishing process. I worked on large global projects with cross-departmental teams conducting user interviews, quantitative and qualitative surveys, customer journey maps. Optimize the conversion of core workflows, and setting up customer engagement programs.


Ronald, CX/UX research expert and founder of Lost Dog based in Amsterdam, has conducted over 300 user interviews for B2C and B2B markets for small and large projects.
My core competencies include:

  • Conducting user interviews (qualitative) and surveys (quantitative): defining questions for concept or usability test scripts and (online) surveys
  • Conducting heuristic reviews: assessing existing features or online products based on known user behavior
  • Combining qualitative and quantitative data from usage data, surveys and customer support queries
  • Mapping customer journey experiences: more about customer journey mapping and how to create them

Other Interests

In my opinion the most pressing topic is finding a sustainable way of securing our planet for future generations. Without this there will be not much to look forward to.

  • “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness”
  • “Space, the final frontier”
  • “Music, the universal language of mankind” – I am also a music producer and sound engineer, and studied at the renowned Wisseloord Studios.

You can find out more on my Linked profile.

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